Kadena has become a trusted name to our customers for our exceptionally designed and professionally manufactured high quality products. This has been achieved by continual hard work and drive for improvement throughout the company. We want to explore beyond limit and redefine the domain we work in. Welcome onboard!- Leonidas LoukaidesChairman

Kadena's Mission

The success we envision

Our mission is to deliver high-quality product, utilizing the latest technology to keep ahead of the competition, while ensuring maximum satisfaction to our valued customers

Kadena's Strategy

How we achieve our goals

Our strategy is to establish a B2B relationship with companies who will regard our factory as their own. In doing so, we will establish a great working environment for our workers to develop and create great products. We also care very deeply about worker development, so we continually train our workers to be the best they can possibly be.


Kadena Sportswear is a leading manufacturer of technical sports apparel and has been for over three decades. Kadena′s manufacturing roots began in England and eventually moved all of its production facilities to Bangladesh when it became financially prudent to do so to stay competitive as a leading outerwear manufacturer. Kadena′s Bangladeshi production facilities are unique in the fact that Kadena is owned and managed on a daily basis by a core of principals from the United States, England and Bangladesh. This is a key factor that affords Kadena to control and achieve. We believe that hard work, constant research of materials and fabrics, plus offering continual innovation are and will be the important elements in Kadena′s success. Kadena is extremely proud of our modern production facilities and its dedicated staff. Kadena′s company-wide integrated educational programs give our 3,500 employees the opportunity to constantly improve their management skills and production capabilities at all of Kadena's factories. Innovative programs such as these allow Kadena to maintain a modern and progressive working environment that only a handful of companies in Bangladesh provide.


Production facilities & Head office

Production facilities & Head office Kadena started their additional garment production facilities in Bangladesh to keep their competitive edge. Continuous training, workplace safety, higher than average compensation & bonus are some of the issues we ensure thoroughly to maintain highest standard of our products and employees alike.


Office in Wisconsin, USA

Kadena established an office in the United States to make sure we are present close to our market and thereby enable ourselves in provide service to our valued customers seamlessly.


Production facilities & Raw materials

Kadena started its production of motorcycle gear and outerwear in China. It also established ‘Milotex’ a raw material production facility to serve its own brands better.


The Journey Beigns...

Kadena's manufacturing roots began in England.

Production Capacity

Year Space Sewing Lines Seamster Total Employees Capacity / M*
2011 50,000 sq ft 15 600 1290 46,800
2012 120,000 sq ft 30 1200 2580 93600
2013 150,000 sq ft 50 2000 4300 156,000
2014** 220,000 sq ft 60 2400 5000+ 187,200
*The capacity is based on making lined taped jackets with an 80 SMV for each style.