Kadena is heavily investing in infrastructure development as we prioritise a secure, safe, accessible work-evironment for our employees. This effort is apparent in our new state of the art factory which houses all our production facilities.

Factory Building

Kadena's factory is 150,000 square feet and is located in Comilla, Bangladesh. Over 2000 workers are currently employed at Kadena, with the number steadily growing.

Sewing Lines

With over 50 sewing lines, over 1,800,000 garmnets are produced by Kadena yearly.


Kadena's warehouse stores motorcycle gear, outerwear, casual wear, and more. As one of the largest manufacturer of motorcycle gear worldwide, garments are shipped daily from here.

Finishing Area


Fire safety, ventilation, and health services make Kadena a safe and pleasant place to work.


Kadena is a secure and safe factory thanks to the diligent security guards on duty. Visitors must sign in and enter through the main gate.