Motorcycle Gear

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As one of the largest manufacturer of motorcycle gear worldwide, Kadena produces long-lasting technical outerwear, mesh, rainwear, and protective armor. We are concerned about the users' safety, comfort and performance. High-quality materials and seam taping maximize durability, strength, abrasian-resistance, waterproofing, windproofing, breathability, and rider visibility. We control every aspect of production, from the manufacturing of raw materials to final garment inspection, and everything in between.


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Kadena takes pride in its ability to manufacture outerwear that is unbeatable in quality and performance. Whether it is a three-layer jacket for heavy down pour or a softshell vest for a walk in the park, the wearer can expect breathable protection from the elements with unparalleled style. Our high-quality fleece is very versatile and can be worn as a layering piece or simply as a casual garment. Kadena has the expertise and skilled workforce to deliver your needs.
3-layer technical outerwear3-layer technical outerwear3-layer technical outerwear

Ski Gear


Kadena's ski jackets and pants have superior ability to keep the wearer warm and comfortable, while remaining breathable. Ski garments are insulated with Thinsulate and Exkin Air, while still allowing for perspiration to evaporate. All of our ski garments are also seam taped, so that when the skiier encounters slushy conditions, moisture has no chance of entering the garment. This allows for the most enjoyable skiing experience for the wearer.

Snowboard Wear

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Kadena's snowboard gear is the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style. In addition to the excellent warmth and waterproofing qualities of our gear, windproofing can be vital in dry, powdery conditions. Our revolutionary material, Wind-Shark, is a wind-resistant laminate that allows for stretching and movement. The snowboarder is not restricted by materials or weather.
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Down Clothing

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We have carefully selected the finest goose down available for use in our very affordable down vests and jackets. The right amount of fill for our specific down garments allow the wearer to always be warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

Lifestyle Clothing

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At Kadena, we have the perfect blend of expertise and experience to manufacture quality casual wear that is comfortable and equally fashionable. Our range includes but is not limited to beachwear, denim, chinos, and cargo pants made of 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyeseters where appropriate. We always keep abreast with the most up to date styles in our niche and that's what makes us deliver the best.

Power Heated Clothing

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Kadena's heated outerwear and golf garments are made using highly breathable and extremely flexible fabric. The heating panels placed on the front and back of the jacket and vests provide necessary insulation needed outdoors in winter for long hours. These garments support a power connection to either a motorcycle battery or to a portable 7.4V lithium-ion battery. We manufacture portable batteries and have designed them with four different heat settings, allowing the wearer to adjust the heat level for maximum comfort. In addition to the batteries themselves, we also manufacture battery chargers and wiring.

Performance Gloves

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Kadena manufactures high-quality performance gloves, with several options for materials and styles. We are able to manufacture gloves with special features for the rider, such as silicone printed fingertips for increased grip, foam padded palms to reduce vibration from the motorcycle, and molded polyurethene knuckle and finger protection.


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Our factory is capable of manufacturing single and multiple compartment bags that are extremely durable. Whether using the luggage on a daily basis or storing belongings for a cross-country trip, our motorcycle luggage remains securely mounted and keeps stored items protected from the elements.